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    • A CBCT study of the gravity-induced movement in rotating rabbits. 

      Barber, J; Shieh, CC; Counter, W; Sykes, J; Bennett, P; Ahern, V; Corde, S; Heng, SM; White, P; Jackson, M; Liu, P; Keall, P; Feain, I (2018-05)
      Fixed-beam radiotherapy systems with subjects rotating about a longitudinal (horizontal) axis are subject to gravity-induced motion. Limited reports on the degree of this motion, and any deformation, has been reported ...
    • Cone-beam CT reconstruction with gravity-induced motion. 

      Shieh, CC; Barber, J; Counter, W; Sykes, J; Bennett, P; Heng, SM; White, P; Corde, S; Jackson, M; Ahern, V; Feain, I; O'Brien, R; Keall, P (IOPscience, 2018-10)
      Fixed-gantry cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), where the imaging hardware is fixed while the subject is continuously rotated 360° in the horizontal position, has implications for building compact and affordable ...