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    • Interferon-λ rs12979860 genotype and liver fibrosis in viral and non-viral chronic liver disease 

      Eslam, Mohammed; Hashem, Ahmed M; Leung, Reynold; Romero-Gomez, Manuel; Berg, Thomas; Dore, Gregory; Chan, Henry L K; Irving, William; Sheridan, David; Abate, Maria; Mangia, Alessandra; Weltman, Martin; Bugianesi, Elisabetta; Spengler, Ulrich; Shaker, Olfat; Fischer, Janett; Mollison, Lindsay; Cheng, Wendy; Powell, Elizabeth; Nattermann, Jacob; Riordan, Stephen; McLeod, Duncan; Armstrong, Nicola J.; Douglas, Mark; Liddle, Christopher; Booth, David R.; George, Jacob; Ahlenstiel, Golo; International Hepatitis C Genetics Consortium (IHCGC) (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
    • MBOAT7 rs641738 increases risk of liver inflammation and transition to fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C 

      Thabet, Khaled; Asimakopoulos, Anastasia; Shojaei, Maryam; Romero-Gomez, Manuel; Mangia, Alessandra; Irving, William L.; Berg, Thomas; Dore, Gregory J.; Grønbæk, Henning; Sheridan, David; Abate, Maria; Bugianes, Elisabetta; Weltman, Martin; Mollison, Lindsay; Cheng, Wendy; Riordan, Stephen; Fischer, Janett; Spengler, Ulrich; Nattermann, Jacob; Wahid, Ahmed; Rojas, Angela; White, Rose; Douglas, Mark; McLeod, Duncan; Powell, Elizabeth; Liddle, Christopher; van der Poorten, David; George, Jacob; Eslam, Mohammed; International Liver Disease Genetics Consortium (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)