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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jun-2008Being Political in German Theatre and Performance: Anna Langhoff and Christoph SchingensiefVarney, Denise
16-Jun-2008'Bodily': Conjunction and FermentationNeedham, Tessa
17-Jun-2008Coaches as Phenomenologists: Para-Ethnographic Work in SportDowney, Greg
17-Jun-2008Constructing remnants: Determining strategies for Performance DocumentationEmerson, Russell; Department of Performance Studies
17-Jun-2008Dance, Mimesis, consciousness and the ImaginationSellers-Young, Barbara
17-Jun-2008During and Enduring: Forced Entertainment's 'Bloody Mess' and the Manipulation of Time in PerformanceHadley, Bree
17-Jun-2008'Eftermaele': That Which Remains After the Event. a Panel Discussion concerning the use of video in the Documentation of Live PerformanceMcAuley, Gay; Department of Performance Studies
17-Jun-2008Evolution, Mutation and Hybridity in Bio-Performance Practice: Wet Biology and Hybrid Arts in the Performance/Installation 'BioHome—The Chromosome Knitting Project'Fargher, Catherine
20-Jun-2008Falling Through FellatioStewart, Jeff
17-Jun-2008La Boite Theatre 1925-2003: Before, During and After its Transformational Journey from Amateur to Professional StatusComans, Christine
27-Jun-2008Live Media and the 'Alive' ActorFewster, Russell David
26-Jun-2008Longing to Belong: Trained Actors’ Attempts to Enter the ProfessionMoore, Paul
17-Jun-2008Meta-Performativity: Being in Shakespeare’s MomentKennedy, Flloyd
17-Jun-2008'More Than Common Tall': Measuring up to the 'Real' Rosalind in AustraliaFlaherty, Kate; Department of English
16-Jun-2008Necklace TheoryDurban, Kim
17-Jun-2008New Audiences' Reception of Plays: Before, During and AfterScollen, Rebecca
17-Jun-2008The New Woman in the New World: Ibsen in Australia 1889-1891Hoare, Eileen
20-Jun-2008Overcoming the Metaphysics of Consciousness: Being/ArtaudJohnston, Daniel Waycott; Department of Performance Studies
16-Jun-2008The Performance of War ImagesBroinowski, Adam
17-Jun-2008Performing Confessions: Making Sense Afterwards of Field ImmersionRossmanith, Kate