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29-Jan-2019Bearing the Burden of Corporate Restructuring: Job Loss and Precarious Employment in Canadian JournalismCohen, Nicole S.; Hunter, Andrea; O'Donnell, Penny
2018Australian Journalists at Work: Their Views on Employment, Unionization, and Professional IdentityO'Donnell, Penny
Jul-2015Australian journalism students' professional views and news consumption: Results from a representative studyHanusch, Folker; Clifford, Katrina; Davies, Kayt; English, Peter; Fulton, Janet; Lindgren, Mia; O'Donnell, Penny; Price, Jenna; Richards, Ian; Zion, Lawrie
Dec-2017Beyond newsrooms: Younger journalists talk about job loss and re-employment in Australian journalismO'Donnell, Penny
Dec-2015JERAA@40: Towards a history of the professional association of Australian journalism academicsO'Donnell, Penny; Margaret, Van Heekeren
Jul-2017Journalism and intellectual life: the exemplary case of Donald HorneMcKnight, David; O'Donnell, Penny
Dec-2016'It has a bleak future': The effects of job loss on regional and rural journalism in AustraliaZion, Lawrie; Sherwood, Merryn; O'Donnell, Penny; Dodd, Andrew; Ricketson, Matthew; Marjoribanks, Timothy
22-Jun-2017Submission to the Select Committee on the Future of Public Interest JournalismZion, Lawrie; Dodd, Andrew; Marjoribanks, Timothy; O'Donnell, Penny; Ricketson, Matthew; Sherwood, Merryn; Winarnita, Monika; Harper, Robin
Jul-2012Remembering Anne Dunn (1950 - 2012)O'Donnell, Penny; Martin, Fiona; Dunn, Peter
Mar-2018Submission #140 to the Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers by the New Beats ProjectO'Donnell, Penny; Zion, Lawrie; Ricketson, Matthew; Dodd, Andrew; Marjoribanks, Tim; Sherwood, Merryn; Winarnita, Monika; Harper, Robin