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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The ferroelectric phase of CdTiO3. A powder neutron diffraction study.Kennedy, Brendan J; Zhou, Qingdi; Avdeev, Maxim
2017Structural and magnetic properties of the osmium double perovskites Ba2-xSrxYOsO6Kayser, Paula; Injac, Sean; Kennedy, Brendan J; Vogt, Thomas; Avdeev, Maxim; Maynard-Casely, Helen; Zhaoming, Zhang
2017Structure and phase transition in BaThO3: A combined neutron and synchrotron X-ray diffraction studyGabriel L, Murphy; Brendan J, Kennedy; Zhaoming, Zhang; Maxim, Avdeev; Helen, Brand; Philip, Kegler; Evgeny V, Alekseev
2017Structure and Magnetism in Sr1-xAxTcO3 Perovskites. The importance of the A-site cation.Reynolds, Emily; Avdeev, Maxim; Thorogood, Gordon J; Poineau, Frederic; Czerwinski, Kenneth R; Kimpton, Justin A; Yu, Michelle; Kayser, Paula; Kennedy, Brendan J
2017Multi-scale Structural Analysis of the A-site and Oxygen Deficient Perovskite Sr11Mo4O2King, Graham; Avdeev, Maxim; Qasim, Ilyas; Zhou, Qingdi; Kennedy, Brendan J
2017Low temperature structure and the ferroelectric phase transitions in the CdTiO3 perovskiteKennedy, Brendan J; Zhou, Qingdi; Zhao, Shipeng; Jia, Fanhao; Ren, Wei; Knight, Kevin S
2017Magnetic and structural studies of Sc containing ruthenate double perovskites A2ScRuO6 (A = Ba, Sr).Kayser, Paula; Injac, Sean; Ranjbar, Ben; Kennedy, Brendan J; Avdeev, Maxim; Yamaura, Kazunari
2017Spin-orbit coupling controlled ground state in the Ir(V) perovskites A2ScIrO6 (A = Ba or Sr)Kayser, Paula; Kennedy, Brendan J; Ranjbar, Ben; Kimpton, Justin; Avdeev, Maxim
2017Thermal Expansion in BaRuO3 Perovskites – an unusual case of bond strengthening at high temperaturesKayser, Paula; Injac, Sean; Kennedy, Brendan J; Menezes de Oliveira, Andre; Shirako, Yuichi; Hasegawa, Masashi