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Jan-2018Fluorescent squaramides as anion receptors and transmembrane anion transportersBao, Xiaoping; Wu, Xin; Berry, Stuart N.; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Chang, Young-Tae; Gale, Philip A.
8-Jun-2018Aspect-ratio-dependent interaction of molecular polymer brushes and multicellular tumour spheroidsMüllner, Markus; Yang, Kylie; Kaur, Amandeep; New, Elizabeth Joy
Feb-2018Anion receptor chemistry: Highlights from 2016Gale, Philip A.; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Wu, Xin; Spooner, Michael J.
2018Fluorinated synthetic anion carriers: experimental and computational insights into transmembrane chloride transportSpooner, Michael J.; Li, Hongyu; Marques, Igor; Costa, Pedro M.R.; Wu, Xin; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Busschaert, Nathalie; Moore, Stephen J.; Light, Mark E.; Sheppard, David N.; Gale, Philip A.
2018Full elucidation of the transmembrane anion transport mechanism of squaramides using in silico investigationsMarques, Igor; Costa, Pedro M.R.; Miranda, Margarida Q.; Busschaert, Nathalie; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Clarke, Harriet J.; Haynes, Cally J.E.; Kirby, Isabelle L.; Rodilla, Ananda M.; Pérez-Tomás, Ricardo; Gale, Philip A.; Félix, Vítor
6-Jun-2018Synthesis and applications of compartmentalised molecular polymer brushesPelras, Theophile; Mahon, Clare S.; Müllner, Markus
5-Oct-2018Self-assembly of diblock molecular polymer brushes in the spherical confinement of nanoemulsion dropletsSteinhaus, Andrea; Pelras, Theophile; Chakroun, Ramzi; Gröschel, André H.; Müllner, Markus
27-Sep-2018Polymer Nanowires with Highly Precise Internal Morphology and TopographyPelras, Théophile; Mahon, Clare S.; Nonappa; Ikkala, Olli; Gröschel, André H.; Müllner, Markus
12-Apr-2018Real-Time Recording of the Cellular Effects of the Anion Transporter ProdigiosinCheung, Shane; Wu, Dan; Daly, Harrison C.; Busschaert, Nathalie; Morgunova, Marina; Simpson, Jeremy C.; Scholz, Dimitri; Gale, Philip A.; O'Shea, Donal F.
Jan-2018A tripodal tris-selenourea anion transporter matches the activity of its thio- analogue but shows distinct selectivitySpooner, Michael J.; Gale, Philip A.