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Sep-2008What if petrol increased to $10 per litre? Implications on travel behaviour and public transport demandHensher, David A.; Stanley, John K.; ITLS
Sep-2008Aggregation of common-metric attributes in preference revelation in choice experiments and implications for willingness to payLayton, David; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Aug-2008Response management: Strategic and operational considerationsWalters, David; ITLS
Jul-2008Ordered choices and heterogeneity in attribute processingGreene, William H; Hensher, David A; ITLS
Oct-2008The six sigma approach in performance management to reduce injury rate at workJo Rhodes; Peter Lok; Abe Diamond; Nitin Bhatia; ITLS
Jul-2008The demand chain and response management: New directions for operations management?Walters, David; Rainbird, Mark; ITLS
Jan-2004Information Processing Strategies in Stated Choice Studies: The Implications on Willingness to Pay of Respondents Ignoring Specific AttributesHensher, David A; ITLS
Mar-2004Monte Carlo Simulation of Sydney Household Travel Survey Data with Bayesian Updating using Different Local Sample SizesPointer, Graham; Stopher, Peter; Bullock, Philip; ITLS
Mar-2004A Review of the Procedures Associated with Devising Emergency Evacuation PlansAlsnih, Rahaf; Stopher, Peter; ITLS
Dec-2005Route choice behavior of freeway travelers under realtime traffic information provision–application of the best route and the habitual route choice mechanismsJou, Rong-Chang; Hensher, David A; Chen, Ke-Hung; ITLS