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2012Understanding Buy in for Risky Prospects: Incorporating Degree of Belief into the ex ante Assessment of Support for Alternative Road Pricing SchemesHensher, David A.; Collins, Andrew T.; Rose, John M
2013Accounting for Attribute Non-Attendance and Common-Metric Aggregation in a Probabilistic Decision Process Mixed Multinomial Logit Model: A Warning on Potential ConfoundingHensher, David A.; Greene, William H.; Collins, Andrew T.
Oct-2018Autonomous Vehicles Down Under: An Empirical Investigation of Consumer SentimentGreaves, Stephen; Smith, Brett; Arnold, Tony; Olaru, Doina; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS
Sep-2018How to better represent preferences in choice models: the contributions to preference heterogeneity attributable to the presence of process heterogeneityBalbontin, Camila; Hensher, David A.; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS
Feb-2013Direct and cross elasticities for freight distribution access chargesHensher, David A.; Collins, Andrew T.; Rose, John M.; Smith, Nariida C.; ITLS
Jul-2013Estimation of stochastic scale with best-worst dataCollins, Andrew T.; Rose, John M.; ITLS
Oct-2011A comparison of algorithms for generating efficient choice experimentsQuan, Wu; Rose, John M.; Collins, Andrew T.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; ITLS
Jan-2010Search based internet surveys: Airline stated choiceCollins, Andrew T.; Rose, John M.; Hess, Stephane; ITLS
Oct-2014Constrained stated choice experimental designsCollins, Andrew T.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; Rose, John M.; ITLS
Oct-2012Understanding buy in for risky prospects: Incorporating degree of belief into the ex ante assessment of support for alternative road pricing schemesHensher, David A.; Rose, John M.; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS