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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Multiple purposes at single destination: A key to a better understanding of the relationship between tour complexity and mode choiceQuoc, Chinh; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Oct-2012Understanding buy in for risky prospects: Incorporating degree of belief into the ex ante assessment of support for alternative road pricing schemesHensher, David A.; Rose, John M.; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS
May-2013A future in manufacturing: Major issues to be resolved by Australia Pty LtdWalters, David; Bhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee; ITLS
Sep-2012Efficient procurement of public air services - Lessons learned from European transport authorities' perspectivesMerkert, Rico; O’Fee, Basil; ITLS
Jan-2013Confidence intervals of willingness-­‐to-­‐pay for random coefficient logit modelsBliemer, Michiel C.J.; Rose, John M.; ITLS
Jun-2011Systems Economics: Essay 1 - Definition of the economic productStone, Alastair; ITLS
Nov-2010The acceptability of road pricing: An application of a theoretical and analytical framework to the realities of decision making in SydneyPalmer, Joel; ITLS
Mar-2004The Design of Stated Choice Experiments: The State of Practice and Future ChallengesRose, John M; Bliemer, Michiel CJ; ITLS
Jun-2011The impact of environmental attitudes on responses to emissions charging and vehicle choiceBeck, Matthew J; Rose, John M; Hensher, David A; ITLS
Jan-2011Embedding risk attitudes in a scheduling model: Application to the study of commuting departure timeLi, Zheng; Tirachini, Alejandro; Hensher, David A.; ITLS