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Aug-2017Barriers and facilitators of integration between buses with a higher level of service and rail: An Australian case studyClifton, Geoffrey; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Apr-2018The impacts of airport activities on regional economy - An empirical analysis of New ZealandFu, Xiaowen; Tsui, Kan; Sampaio, Breno; Tan, David Tat Wei; ITLS
Apr-2018Environmental Costs and Economics Implications of Container Shipping in the Northern Sea RouteZhua, Shengda; Fu, Xiaowen; Adolf, Ng; Luo, Meifeng; ITLS
Oct-2017A radical reappraisal of transport and land market basicsStone, Alastair; ITLS
Jul-2017Getting off the greenhouse gas: Public transport’s potential contribution in Australian citiesStanley, John; Ellison, Richard; Loader, Chris; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Oct-2015Air safety & security: Traveller perceptions post the Malaysian Air disastersBeck, Matthew J.; Rose, John M.; Merkert, Rico; ITLS
Jan-2014Development of an online diary for longitudinal travel / activity surveysGreaves, Stephen; Ellison, Adrian B.; Ellison, Richard B.; Standen, Christopher; Rissel, Chris; Crane, Melanie; ITLS
Nov-2015A lossless spatial aggregation procedure for a class of capacity constrained traffic assignment models incorporating point queuesRaadsen, Mark P.H.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; Bell, Michael G.H.; ITLS
Nov-2018General solution scheme for the Static Link Transmission ModelRaadsen, Mark P.H.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; ITLS
Dec-2015Working while travelling: what are implications for the value of travel time savings in the economic appraisal of transport projects?Wang, Baojin; Hensher, David; ITLS