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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013Investigating the impacts of introducing emission trading scheme to shipping industryWang, Kun; Fu, Xiaowen; Luo, Meifeng; ITLS
Apr-2014Modeling the Impacts of Alternative Emission Trading Schemes on International ShippingWang, Kun; Fu, Xiaowen; Luo, Meifeng; ITLS
Apr-2017Shipping network design in a growth market: The case of IndonesiaTu, Ningwen; Adiputranto, Dimas; Fu, Xiaowen; Li, Zhi-Chun; ITLS
Feb-2016Modeling airport capacity choice with real optionsXiao, Yibin; Fu, Xiaowen; Oum, Tae H.; Yan, Jia; ITLS
May-2018Modeling the Potential for Aviation Liberalization in Central Asia - Market analysis and implications for the Belt and Road initiativeWang, Kun; Fu, Xiaowen; Czerny, Achim I.; Hua, Guowei; Lei, Zheng; ITLS
Jan-2017Modeling the effects of unilateral and uniform emission regulations under shipping company and port competitionSheng, Dian; Li, Zhi‐Chun; Fu, Xiaowen; Gillen, David; ITLS
Sep-2014Port Investments on Coastal and Marine Disasters Prevention: An Economic and Policy InvestigationXiao, Yi-bin; Fu, Xiaowen; Ng, Adolf K.Y.; Zhang, Anming; ITLS
Oct-2014Why Chinese airlines haven’t become leading cargo carriers - analyzing air freight network and international trade drivers for mainland ChinaGong, Qiang; Wang, Kun; Fan, Xingli; Fu, Xiaowen; ITLS
Jun-2019Vertical Integration and its Implications to Port ExpansionZhu, Shengda; Zheng, Shiyuan; Ge, Ying-En; Fu, Xiaowen; Sampaio, Breno; Jiang, Changmin; Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS)