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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2014Constrained stated choice experimental designsCollins, Andrew T.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; Rose, John M.; ITLS
Oct-2011A comparison of algorithms for generating efficient choice experimentsQuan, Wu; Rose, John M.; Collins, Andrew T.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; ITLS
Dec-2016Introducing pattern graph rewriting in novel spatial aggregation procedures for a class of traffic assignment modelsRaadsen, Mark P.H.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; Bell, Michael G.H.; ITLS
Apr-2009Incorporating model uncertainty into the generation of efficient stated choice experiments: A model averaging approachRose, John M.; Scarpa, Riccardo; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; ITLS
Apr-2019A review of (dis)aggregation and decomposition methods in traffic assignmentRaadsen, Mark P.H.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; Bell, Michael G.H.; Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS)
Nov-2015A lossless spatial aggregation procedure for a class of capacity constrained traffic assignment models incorporating point queuesRaadsen, Mark P.H.; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; Bell, Michael G.H.; ITLS
Nov-2016A network science approach to analysing manufacturing sector supply chain networks: Insights on topologyPerera, Supun S.; Bell, Michael G.H.; Piraveenan, Mahendrarajah; Bliemer, Michiel C.J.; ITLS
Apr-2014A unified framework for traffic assignment: deriving static and quasi‚Äźdynamic models consistent with general first order dynamic traffic assignment modelsBliemer, Michiel C.J.; Raadsen, Mark P.H.; Brederode, Luuk; Bell, Michael G.H.; Wismans, Luc J.J.; ITLS