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Oct-2018Creation of unstructured big data from customer service: The case of parcel shipping companies on TwitterBhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee; Ellison, Adrian Bachman; Pang, Vincent; Gezdur, Arda; ITLS
Nov-2018Willingness to participate in travel surveys: A cross-country and cross- methods comparisonVerzosa, Nina; Greaves, Stephen; Ho, Chinh; Davis, Mark; ITLS
Oct-2018Autonomous Vehicles Down Under: An Empirical Investigation of Consumer SentimentGreaves, Stephen; Smith, Brett; Arnold, Tony; Olaru, Doina; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS
Sep-2018How to better represent preferences in choice models: the contributions to preference heterogeneity attributable to the presence of process heterogeneityBalbontin, Camila; Hensher, David A.; Collins, Andrew T.; ITLS
Sep-2018Disaggregating the electricity sector in a CGE model to allow competition theory to explain the introduction of new technologies to the sectorTruong, Truong P.; Hamasaki, Hiroshi; ITLS
Feb-2015The challenges and opportunities of in-depth analysis of multi-day and multi-year dataMoutou, Claudine; Longden, Thomas; Stopher, Peter; Liu, Wen; ITLS
Mar-2015Airport capacity choice under airport-airline vertical arrangementsXiao, Yibin; Fu, Xiaowen; Zhang, Anming; ITLS
Jul-2018CORPORATE MOBILITY REVIEW; How Business can Shape MobilityWong, Yale Z.; ITLS
Jun-2018Consumer Surplus based Method for Quantifying and Improving the Material Flow Supply Chain Network RobustnessPerera, Supun; Bell, Michael G.H.; Kurauchi, Fumitaka; Bliemer, Michiel C. J.; Kasthurirathna, Dharshana; ITLS
Jan-2015The Impact of Bus Rapid Transit on Housing Price and Accessibility Changes in Sydney: a Repeat Sales ApproachMulley, Corinne; Tsai, Chi-Hong; ITLS