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    ANN models, incident detection model, freeway automatic incident detection (AID) systems, artificial neural networks, data collection, TCCC record, validation of ANN, performance envelopes. (1)
    hazardous locations, diagnosis of safety probelsm, countermeasures, road safety audit, road trauma, public health, economic issues, property damage, road safety strategies, exposure control, behaviour modification, injury control, human error, human factors (1)
    incident detection models, systematic error, random error, freeway incidents, AID systems, input clamping, communications malfunction, model performance, noise levels, random noise, ANN model. (1)
    incident detection, detection rate, artificial neural networks, artificial neural networks (ANNs), comparative evaluation traffic data, calibration data set. (1)
    intelligent transport systems, integration of Southbank with CBD, utilisation of Yarra River, advanced information processing and communications, extensive Southbank development, future traffic volumes, light rail/tram, road-based systems, public transport vehicles, traffic conditions, parking, advertising, in-vehicle computers. (1)
    land use development, local government, bus routes, control of access, safety, local government responsibility, road design process, traffic management, public transport (1)
    Land use, transport integration, traffic facilities, urbanisation, personal mobility, freight movement, community concern, infrastructure provision, dimensions of land use, evolving Australasian culture, operating transport systems, major alterations, dynamic urban change, concept of land, current discussion, role of local government, transport planning. (1)
    national economy, urban areas, urban freight transport system, commercial vehicle survey, trip lengths/durations, distribution of trips and shops, urban planning, truck routes, restrictions, freight movement patterns. (1)
    organisational commitment, organisational structure, human resource management, middle management, organisational change, transport, Australia (1)
    signalised intersections, crash patterns, improved safety, accident frequency, analysis of accident data, MUARC, safety measures, controlled/partially controlled right turns, inter-green times, advance warning, mastarms, skid resistant pavements, sight distance, traffic flow data, site data, clearways. (1)