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13-May-2019Confinement Assembly of ABC Triblock Terpolymers for the High-Yield Synthesis of Janus NanoringsSteinhaus, Andrea; Chakroun, Ramzi; Müllner, Markus; Nghiem, Tai-Lam; Hildebrandt, Marcus; Groeschel, Andre H.
24-Jan-2017Electrostatic stabilization plays a central role in autoinhibitory regulation of the Na+,K+-ATPaseJiang, Qiucen; Garcia, Alvaro; Han, Minwoo; Cornelius, Flemming; Apell, Hans-Jurgen; Khandelia, Himanshu; Clarke, Ronald J.
9-May-2019General and specific interactions of the phospholipid bilayer with P-type ATPasesHossain, Khondker R.; Clarke, Ronald J.
20-Feb-2019Neurocognitive mechanisms of theory of mind impairment in neurodegeneration: a transdiagnostic approachStrikwerda-Brown, Cherie; Ramanan, Siddharth; Irish, Muireann
10-Mar-2018Association between precuneus volume and autobiographical memory impairment in posterior cortical atrophy: Beyond the visual syndromeAhmed, Samrah; Irish, Muireann; Loane, Clare; Baker, Ian; Husain, Masud; Thompson, Sian; Blanco-Duque, Cristina; Mackay, Clare; Zamboni, Giovanna; Foxe, David; Hodges, John R.; Piguet, Olivier; Butler, Christopher
7-Sep-2018Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination III: Psychometric Characteristics and Relations to Functional Ability in DementiaSo, Matthew; Foxe, David; Kumfor, Fiona; Murray, Cynthia; Hsieh, Sharpley; Savage, Greg; Ahmed, Rebekah M.; Burrell, James R.; Hodges, John R.; Irish, Muireann; Piguet, Olivier
27-Nov-2018The function of prospection - variations in health and diseaseBulley, Adam; Irish, Muireann
2019Effect of cholesterol on the dipole potential of lipid membranesClarke, Ronald J.
7-Jun-2018Cerebellar Atrophy and Its Contribution to Cognition in Frontotemporal DementiasChen, Yu; Kumfor, Fiona; Landin-Romero, Ramon; Irish, Muireann; Hodges, John R.; Piguet, Olivier
Aug-2019Tobacco Mosaic Virus (Beijerinck, 1898)Perrine-Walker, Francine; Matic, Tatjana; Le, Khoa