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Nov-2018Sclerotinia minor - Pathogen of the Month November 2018Perrine-Walker, Francine
2018Increasing spin crossover cooperativity in 2D Hofmann-type materials with guest molecule removalZenere, Katrina A.; Duyker, Samuel G.; Trzop, Elzbieta; Collet, Eric; Chan, Bun; Doheny, Patrick W.; Kepert, Cameron J.; Neville, Suzanne M.
2018Continuous negative-to-positive tuning of thermal expansion achieved by controlled gas sorption in porous coordination frameworksAuckett, Josie E.; Barkhordarian, Arnold A.; Ogilvie, Stephen H.; Duyker, Samuel G.; Chevreau, Hubert; Peterson, Vanessa K.; Kepert, Cameron J.
2013Physical symptoms, coping styles and quality of life in recurrent ovarian cancer: A prospective population-based study over the last year of lifePrice, MA; Bell, ML; Sommeijer, DW; Friedlander, M; Stockler, MR; deFazio, A; Webb, PM; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Quality of Life Study Investigators; Butow, PN
2014Quality of life and treatment response among women with platinum-resistant versus platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer treated for progression. A prospective analysisBeesley, VL; Green, AC; Wyld, DK; O'Rourke, P; Wockner, LF; deFazio, A; Butow, PN; Price, MA; Horwood, KR; Clavarino, AM
14-May-2018BRAF Mutations in Low-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer and Response to BRAF InhibitionMoujaber, Tania; Etemadmoghadam, Dariush; Kennedy, Catherine J.; Chiew, Yoke-Eng; Balleine, Rosemary L.; Saunders, Catherine; Wain, Gerard V.; Gao, BO; Hogg, Russell; Srirangan, Sivatharsny; Kan, Casina; Fereday, Sian; Traficante, Nadia; Patch, Ann-Marie; Pearson, John V.; Waddell, Nicola; Grimmond, Sean M.; Dobrovic, Alexander; Bowtell, David D.L.; Harnett, Paul R.; deFazio, A; The Psycho-Oncology Co-operative Research Group (PoCoG)
Jun-2019Prtaylenchus brachyurus - Pathogen of the Month June 2019Le, Khoa; Perrine-Walker, Francine
8-Jun-2018Aspect-ratio-dependent interaction of molecular polymer brushes and multicellular tumour spheroidsMüllner, Markus; Yang, Kylie; Kaur, Amandeep; New, Elizabeth Joy
2019CO2 Data Sydney Harbour Estuary 2013Tanner, Edwina
2019L-amino acids promote calcitonin release via a calcium-sensing receptor: Gq/11-mediated pathway in human C-cells: supplemental figuresConigrave, Arthur