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2017Indole-based perenosins as highly potent HCl transporters and potential anti-cancer agentsJowett, Laura A.; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Soto-Cerrato, Vanessa; Van Rossom, Wim; Pérez-Tomás, Ricardo; Gale, Philip A.
2016Leaf water oxygen isotope measurement by direct equilibrationSong, X; Barbour, MM
2016Leaf water stable isotopes and water transport outside the xylemBarbour, MM; Farquhar, GD; Buckley, TN
2017The impact of anion ordering on octahedra distortion and phase transitions in SrTaO2N and BaTaO2NWang, Chun-Hai; Kennedy, Brendan J; Menezes de Oliveira, Andre; Polt, Julia; Knight, Kevin S
2017Latent Inhibition Reduces Nocebo Nausea, Even Without DeceptionQuinn, Veronica F; Livesey, Evan J; Colagiuri, Ben
1-Oct-2017Intensity and gambling harms: Exploring breadth of gambling involvement among esports bettorsGainsbury, Sally M.; Abarbanel, Brett; Blaszczynski, Alex
2-Apr-2019Investigating the Influence of Steric Hindrance on Selective Anion TransportJowett, Laura A.; Ricci, Angela; Wu, Xin; Howe, Ethan N.W.; Gale, Philip A.
Dec-2018How does foveal processing difficulty affect parafoveal processing during reading?Veldre, Aaron; Andrews, Sally
May-2017Individual differences in automatic semantic primingAndrews, Sally; Lo, Steson; Xia, Violet
2017Structural and magnetic properties of the osmium double perovskites Ba2-xSrxYOsO6Kayser, Paula; Injac, Sean; Kennedy, Brendan J; Vogt, Thomas; Avdeev, Maxim; Maynard-Casely, Helen; Zhaoming, Zhang