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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014Review of recent Syngenta bee field study data on ThiamethoxamCampbell, Peter; Thompson, Helen; Coulson, Mike
Jul-2014Evaluation of pesticide toxicity to the honeybee: a new approachPOQUET, Yannick; DUPRE, Marie; PHILIBERT, Jean-Baptiste; COUSIN, Marianne; TCHAMITCHIAN, Sylvie; BELZUNCES, Luc
Jul-2014BeeNet and BEST: the Italian 'beekeeping and environment' projectsPorrini, Claudio; Tosi, Simone; Renzi, Teresa; Sgolastra, Fabio; Bortolotti, Laura; Medrzycki, Piotr; Liberta, Angelo; Mutinelli, Franco; Lodesani, Marco
Jul-2014Thiamethoxan in cyst of spermatozoa in Apis mellifera black-eyed pupaeMoreira, Jane; Camargo-Mathias, Maria Izabel; Araujo, Vinicius; Lino-Neto, Jose
Jul-2014The levels of (accumulated) pesticides detected within honeybee comb wax.Wisniewski, Kris; Kirk, William; Drijfhout, Falko
Jul-2014Bee diversity in non-dependent crops in BrazilFerreira, Rafael; Nocelli, Roberta; Malaspina, Osmar
Jul-2014Levels of neonicotinoids found in United Kingdom oilseed rapeWisniewski, Kristopher; Krik, William D.J; Drijfhout, Falko
Jul-2014Disease associations between honeybees and bumblebees: a threat to pollinatorsFuerst, Matthias, A.; McMahon, Dino, P.; Osborne, Juliet L.; Paxton, Robert J.; Brown, Mark J.F.
Jul-2014Museum specimens reveal resilience to disease in feral beesMikheyev, Alexander; Tin, Mandy; Arora, Jatin; Seeley, Thomas
Jul-2014Spatial genetic structure and behaviour of common and declining bumblebeesSumner, Seirian; Dreier, Stephanie; Wang, Jinliang; Bourke, Andrew; Redhead, John; Heard, Matt; Carvell, Claire