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23-Aug-2016A ratiometric fluorescent sensor for the mitochondrial copper poolShen, Clara; Kolanowski, Jacek L.; Tran, Carmen M.-N.; Kaur, Amandeep; Akerfeldt, Mia C.; Rahme, Matthew S.; Hambley, Trevor W.; New, Elizabeth J
13-Mar-2017A cobalt(II) complex with unique paraSHIFT responses to anionsO'Neill, Edward S; Kolanowski, Jacek L; Bonnitcha, Paul D; New, Elizabeth J
9-Nov-2017Fluorescent probes for the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in biologyKolanowski, Jacek L; Liu, Fei; New, Elizabeth J
14-Dec-2018Evolution and typing of IncC plasmids contributing to antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteriaAmbrose, Stephanie J; Harmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
Sep-2017Targeted conservative formation of cointegrates between two DNA molecules containing IS26 occurs via strand exchange at either IS endHarmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
2010Perceived treatment, feedback, and placebo effects in double-blind RCTs: An experimental analysis.Colagiuri, Ben; Boakes, Robert A
2009Expectancy in double-blind placebo-controlled trials: An example from alcohol dependenceColagiuri, Ben; Morley, Kirsten; Boakes, Robert A; Haber, Paul
2015Nocebo Hyperalgesia, Partial Reinforcement, and ExtinctionColagiuri, Ben; Quinn, Veronica F; Colloca, Luana
2015The placebo effect: from concepts to genesColagiuri, Ben; Schenk, Lieven A; Kessler, Michael D; Dorsey, Susan D; Colloca, Luana
2015Towards a new model of attentional biases in the development, maintenance, and management of painTodd, Jemma; Sharpe, Louise; Johnson, Ameika; Perry, Kathryn N; Colagiuri, Ben; Dear, Blake F