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Jul-2014A computational modelling approach to understanding honeybee vision and cognitionCope, Alexander; Sabo, Chelsea; Yavuz, Esin; Vasiliki, Eleni; Gurney, Kevin; Nowotny, Thomas; Marshall, James
Jul-2014Antennal cropping in the Asian dry-wood termite, Neotermes koshunensisMiyaguni, Yasushi; Sugio, Koji; Tsuji, Kazuki
Jul-2014Individual differences in the behaviour of Formica fusca workers (Formicidae)Somogyi, Anna; Tartally, Andras; Barta, Zoltan
Jul-2014Searching behaviour of two desert ants from contrasting visual environmentsSchultheiss, Patrick; Stannard, Thomas; Pereira, Sophia; Cheng, Ken; Wehner, Rudiger
Jul-2014Royal jelly of Apis cerana japonica acts as a bee-attracting pheromoneSugahara, Michio; Nishimura, Yasuichiro; Nakatani, Takafumi; Noda, Naoki; Harada, Ayaka; Sakura, Midori
Jul-2014The Final Frontier Of Honeybee Cognition: Can Bees Learn Art?Reinhard, Judith; Wu, Wen; Tangen, Jason
Jul-2014Balancing act: Head stabilisation in Myrmecia ants during twilightRaderschall, Chloe; Narendra, Ajay; Zeil, Jochen
Jul-2014Brain-phenotypes and pheromone communication in leaf-cutting ants.Kleineidam, Christoph
Jul-2014Ants, Tetramorium species E, learn to avoid predatory antlions' pit trapsHollis, Karen L.; McNew, Kelsey; Bemis, Alexandra; Sosa, Talisa; Harrsch, Felicia; Nowbahari, Elise
Jul-2014Desert ants' use of green-ultraviolet contrast for directional informationCheng, Ken; Schultheiss, Patrick; Schwarz, Sebastian; Wystrach, Antoine; Ives, Jonathan