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5-Sep-2018Geodynamic reconstruction of an accreted Cretaceous back-arc basin in the Northern AndesBraz, Carmen; Seton, Maria; Flament, Nicolas; Muller, R. Dietmar
28-Jun-2019Quantitative stratigraphic analysis in a source-to-sink numerical frameworkDing, Xuesong; Salles, Tristan B; Flament, Nicolas; Rey, Patrice F
15-Aug-2019Global kinematics of tectonic plates and subduction zones since the late Paleozoic EraYoung, Alexander; Flament, Nicolas; Maloney, Kayla T.; Williams, Simon E; Matthews, Kara J; Zahirovic, Sabin; Muller, R. Dietmar
Jan-2018Dynamic topography of passive continental margins and their hinterlands since the CretaceousMuller, R. Dietmar; Hassan, Rakib; Gurnis, Michael; Flament, Nicolas; Williams, Simon E
1-Jan-2017Influence of mantle flow on the drainage of eastern Australia since the Jurassic PeriodSalles, Tristan; Flament, Nicolas; Muller, R. Dietmar
20-Jun-2019The interplay of dynamic topography and eustasy on continental flooding in the late PaleozoicCao, Wenchao; Flament, Nicolas; Zahirovic, Sabin; Williams, Simon E; Muller, R. Dietmar
5-May-2018The Dynamic Topography of Eastern China Since the Latest Jurassic PeriodCao, Xianzhi; Flament, Nicolas; Muller, R. Dietmar; Li, Shanzhong
4-Dec-2017Improving global paleogeography since the late Paleozoic using paleobiologyCao, Wenchao; Zahirovic, Sabin; Flament, Nicolas; Williams, Simon E; Golonka, Jan; Muller, R. Dietmar
3-Mar-2016The GPlates Portal: Cloud-Based Interactive 3D Visualization of Global Geophysical and Geological Data in a Web BrowserMuller, R. Dietmar; Qin, Xiaodong; Sandwell, David T; Dutkiewicz, Adriana; Williams, Simon E; Flament, Nicolas; Maus, Stefan; Seton, Maria
28-Feb-2016Alignment between seafloor spreading directions and absolute plate motions through timeWilliams, Simon E; Flament, Nicolas; Muller, R. Dietmar