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2014Immigrants' perceptions of the quality of their cancer care - An Australian comparative study, identifying potentially modifiable factorsGoldstein, D; Bell, ML; Butow, PN; Sze, M; Vaccaro, L; Dong, S; Liauw, W; Hui, R; Tattersall, M; Ng, W; Asghari, R; Steer, C; Vardy, J; Parente, P; Harris, M; Karanth, NV; King, M; Girgis, A; Eisenbruch, M; Jefford, M
2012Psychological care for people at high risk of melanoma: Development and pilot testing of a psycho-educational interventionKasparian, NA; McLoone, JK; Meiser, B; Butow, PN; Barlow-Stewart, K; Mann, G; Dieng, M; Menzies, S
2015Everybody wants it done but nobody wants to do it. An exploration of the barrier and enablers of critical components towards creating a clinical pathway for anxiety and depression in cancerRankin, N; Butow, PN; Thein, T; Robinson, T; Shaw, J; Price, MA; Clover, K; Shaw, T; Grimison, P
2013Reducing disparity in outcomes for immigrants with cancer: a qualitative assessment of the feasibility and acceptability of a culturally targeted telephone-based supportive care interventionShaw, J; Butow, PN; Sze, M; Young, J; Goldstein, D
2012Living beneath the sword of Damocles. Perceptions of risk and fears of cancer recurrence among Australian melanoma survivors at high or moderate risk of developing new primary diseaseKasparian, NA; McLoone, JK; Meiser, B; Butow, PN; Barlow-Stewart, K; Charles, M; Mann, G; Menzies, S
2014Long-term outcomes of risk-reducing surgery in unaffected women at increased familial risk of breast and/or ovarian cancerHeiniger, L; Butow, PN; Coll, J; Bullen, T; Wilson, J; Baylock, B; Meiser, B; Price, MA; kConFab Psychosocial Group on behalf of the kConFab Investigators
2012Looking different, feeling different: women’s reactions to risk reducing breast and ovarian surgeryHallowell, N; Baylock, B; Heiniger, L; Butow, PN; Patel, D; Meiser, B; Saunders, C; Price, MA
2012A comparison of the FACT-G and the Supportive Care Needs Survey (SCNS) in women with ovarian cancer: unidimensionality of constructsColagiuri, B; King, M; Butow, PN; McGrane, J; Luckett, T; Price, MA; Birney, D
2014Development of the measure of ovarian symptoms and treatment concerns: aiming for optimal measurement of patient-reported symptom benefit with chemotherapy for symptomatic ovarian cancerKing, MT; Stockler, MR; Butow, PN; O’Connell, R; Voysey, M; Oza, AM; Gillies, K; Donovan, HS; Mercieca-Bebbe, R; Martyn, J; Sjoquist, K; Friedlander, ML
2015Rehabilitating the sick role: the experiences of high-risk women who undergo risk reducing breast surgeryHallowell, N; Heiniger, L; Baylock, B; Price, MA; Butow, PN