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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Health-related content in Australian television advertisingBaker, Julia; Mullan, Barbara
2012A pilot evaluation of appetite-awareness training in the treatment of childhood overweight and obesityBloom, Taryn; Sharpe, Louise; Mullan, Barbara; Zucker, Nancy
3-Jul-2013The prevalence and correlates of supportive care needs in testicular cancer survivors: A cross-sectional studySmith, Allan 'Ben'; King, Madeleine; Butow, PN; Luckett, Tim; Grimison, Peter; Toner, Guy; Stockler, Martin; Hovey, Elizabeth; Stubbs, John; Hruby, George; Gurney, Howard; Turner, Sandra; Alam, Mahmood; Cox, Keith; Olver, Ian
22-Jan-2015Everybody wants it done but nobody wants to do it: an exploration of the barrier and enablers of critical components towards creating a clinical pathway for anxiety and depression in cancerRankin, Nicole; Butow, PN; Thein, Thida; Robinson, Tracy; Shaw, Joanne; Price, MA; Clover, Kerrie; Shaw, Tim; Grimison, Peter
Feb-2011Sharing vs. Caring - The relative impact of sharing decisions versus managing emotions on patient outcomesSmith, Allan; Juraskova, Ilona; Butow, PN; Miguel, Caroline; Lopez, Anna-Lena; Chang, Sarah; Brown, Richard; Bernhard, Jurg
23-Jul-2018Crime and gambling disorders: A systematic reviewAdolphe, A.; Khatib, L.; van Golde, C.; Gainsbury, Sally M.; Blaszczynski, Alex
1-Sep-2017How blockchain and cryptocurrency technology could revolutionize online gamblingGainsbury, Sally M.; Blaszczynski, Alex
1-Oct-2017Game on: Comparison of demographic profiles, consumption behaviours, and gambling site selection criteria of esports and sports bettorsGainsbury, Sally M.; Abarbanel, Brett; Blaszczynski, Alex
17-Nov-2017Consumer engagement with and perceptions of offshore online gambling sitesGainsbury, Sally M.; Russell, Alex; Hing, Nerilee; Blaszczynski, Alex
1-Oct-2017Intensity and gambling harms: Exploring breadth of gambling involvement among esports bettorsGainsbury, Sally M.; Abarbanel, Brett; Blaszczynski, Alex