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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2018Do preferences for BRT and LRT change as a voter, citizen, tax payer, or self- interested resident?Balbontin, Camila; Hensher, David A.; Ho, Chinh; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Apr-2012Examining estimator bias and efficiency for pseudo panel data: A Monte Carlo simulation approachTsai, Chi-Hong; Leong, Waiyan; Mulley, Corinne; Clifton, Geoffrey; ITLS
Jan-2018Determinants of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system revenue and effectiveness – A global benchmarking exerciseMerkert, Rico; Mulley, Corinne; Hakim, Md Mahbubul; ITLS
Feb-2018Emerging transport technologies and the modal efficiency framework: A case for mobility as a service (MaaS)Wong, Yale Z.; Hensher, David A.; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Oct-2016Are network planning guidelines based on equal access equitable?Mulley, Corinne; Ma, Liang; Clifton, Geoffrey; Tanner, Michael; ITLS
Aug-2017Barriers and facilitators of integration between buses with a higher level of service and rail: An Australian case studyClifton, Geoffrey; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Oct-2012Cost impacts to motorists of discounted registration fees in the presence of distance-based charges and implications for government revenueHensher, David A.; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Mar-2012Assessing the wider economy impacts of transport infrastructure investment with an illustrative application to the north-west rail link project in Sydney, AustraliaHensher, David A.; Truong, Truong P.; Mulley, Corinne; Ellison, Richard; ITLS
Mar-2012Accessibility and residual land value uplift: Identifying spatial variations in the accessibility impacts of a bus transitwayDensmore, Karley; Mulley, Corinne; ITLS
Aug-2009Is ‘Compact City’ a sensible planning approach? Empirical evidence of cross perceptions of travel attitudes in British settlementsAditjandra, Paulus T.; Mulley, Corinne; Nelson, John D.; ITLS