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2007Appendix 1. Timeline of key events in the development of Anglo-Australian copyright lawAtkinson, Benedict
2007Appendix 2. Recommendations of the Royal Commission on Performing Rights 1933Atkinson, Benedict
2007Appendix 3. Recommendations of Copyright Law Review Committee appointed to consider what alterations are desirable to the Copyright Law of the Commonwealth 1959Atkinson, Benedict
2007Appendix 4. Recommendations of the Copyright Law Committee on Reprographic Reproduction 1976 (Franki Committee)Atkinson, Benedict
2007BibliographyAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 1 - Australia’s first ActAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 10. – A new British Act and the Spicer CommitteeAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 11 – The road to the new Australian Copyright ActAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 12 – Developments in Australia after 1968Atkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 13 – After 1980: collecting societies and software copyrightAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 14 – The Age of AmericaAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 15 – Policy observationsAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 2 - International developments.Atkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 3 – A new era and new legislationAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 4 – The broadcasting revolution and performing rightsAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 5 – the APRA wars and the Rome ConferenceAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 6 – The radio war and a new performing rightAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 7 – Public inquiry and arguments over performing rightsAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 8 – Beyond authors’ rightsAtkinson, Benedict
2007Chapter 9 – ReformAtkinson, Benedict