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2015Stone, Sources and Social Networks: Tracing Movement and Exchange Across Dharawal Country, Southeastern AustraliaStokes, Karen Elizabeth; Department of Archaeology
2013Exploring interconnectivity and similarity in the rune-stones of 10th-12th century SwedenThoeming, Alix; Department of Archaeology
2011Material Matters: The Moral Imperative for a Large‐Scale Perspective within the Archaeology of the Contemporary Past.Dharmendra, Ben; Department of Archaeology
2012An Insight into Life at Geometric Zagora Provided by the Animal BonesAlagich, Rudolph; Department of Archaeology
2013What Village Are You From? An Archaeology of Objects and Identity in the Australian Lebanese Community.Abboud, Mariam Vivienne; Department of Archaeology
2015By the Sad and Mournful Sea: Mortuary Memorialisation in the Quarantine ContextJanson, Sarah; Department of Archaeology
2013The Value of the Past: Minoan and Minoanizing Larnakes at the Knossos North CemeteryBarron, Aleese; Department of Archaeology
2010No Place for Self: Rethinking Indigenous malaise in Neo-liberal Political EconomyMurphy, Breda; Department of Anthropology
2013Authority, Acquisition and Adaptation: Nineteenth century artefacts of personal consumption from the Prisoner Barracks at Port ArthurDircks, Caitlin; Department of Archaeology
2012Bronze “Bathtub” Coffins In the Context of 8th-6th Century B.C.E. Babylonian, Assyrian and Elamite Funerary PracticesWicks, Yasmina; Department of Archaeology