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  • modQ: a modular EQ engine with asymmetric filter profiles 

    Wang, Andrew Anxu (2016-06-07)
    The modQ modular EQ engine pairs a novel filter topology with a highly-scalable engine framework to deliver a platform that is equally suited to precision tone-shaping as it is to processing dozens of simultaneous audio ...

    Jancovich, Benjamin (2016-06-06)
    The modern audio production process is highly dependent on efficient workflows and pre-preparation of content. Fast turnaround is crucial. For this reason, it is standard practice for producers and sound designers to ...
  • Final Written Review - High and Low Shelf Tone Shaper 

    Brooker, Lucas (2016-06-06)
    The characteristics of analogue audio processors are useful and valued for musical applications. A function has been implemented that allows the user to easily and intuitively introduce and control non linear behaviours ...
  • Multi-Band Compressor 

    Ashpole, James (2016-06-06)
    Multi-band effects give engineers much more control over how they affect their signal. In conjunction with compressors they allow precise sculpting of a sounds dynamics to ensure optimal quality in a recording. A Multi-band ...

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