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26-Mar-2010Modeling the hazard of violent re-offending: An examination of the Andersen-Gill survival analysis model for recurrent eventsRodwell, Laura
15-Apr-2010Is there an association between acute viral infection in the first year of life, atopy and lung function at age 5? An analysis of lung function data collected as part of the Childhood Asthma Study (CAS).Zosky, Graeme
3-Jun-2010Effect of lymph node yield in sentinel node biopsy for cutaneous melanoma on survival and recurrencePang, Tony
30-Sep-2011Analysis of Biomarkers related to PsoriasisMeyer, MIchael; Sydney School of Public Health
13-Sep-2016Predictors of CD4 cell count response to first-line combination antiretroviral treatment among HIV-positive adult patients from the Asia-Pacific regionDe La Mata, Nicole
13-Sep-2016Clinical phenotypes associated with impaired response to treatment in children with acute asthmaMinaee, Noviani
9-Sep-2016Evaluating the success of a workplace health and wellbeing intervention using a small group of repeat-respondents from a large repeated cross-sectional surveyChappell, Kate; Sydney School of Public Health
9-Sep-2016Comparison of pregnancy outcomes between planned homebirth and planned hospital birth in WA, 2002-2013Nathan, Elizabeth
9-Sep-2016Estimation of transfers of care in planned homebirths using decision analytic modellingNathan, Elizabeth; Sydney School of Public Health
30-Sep-2011Project 1 - Analysis of a Phase2 clinical trial in pancreatic cancer. Project 2 - Meta-analysis of irinotecan +/- 5-FU chemotherapy outcomes for advanced metastatic colorectal cancerBrown, Christopher; Sydney School of Public Health