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2-Nov-2005A Farm Scale Hydrologic Economic Optimisation Model To Manage Waterlogging And Salinity In Irrigation AreasKhan, Shahbaz; Xevi, E; O'Connell, N; Madden, J. C; Zhou, F
2-Nov-2005Optimising Agronomic Options At The Farm ScaleKhan, Shahbaz; O'Connell, N; Xevi, E; Robinson, D
17-Oct-2005Optimising Agronomic Options at the Farm Scale. Draft Final ReportKhan, Shahbaz; Wang, N; O'Connell, E; Xevi, E; Robinson, D
2005Quantifying Climate and Management Impacts on Watertables and Soil Salinity (Summary)Khan, Shahbaz
2005Integration of 1401 Graduate Studies (Groundwater Management for Sustainable Farming Systems)Khan, Shahbaz; Abbas, Akhtar; Akbar, Saud; Beddek, Redha; Rana, Tariq
2-Nov-2005Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Visit Report Dr Shahbaz KhanKhan, Shahbaz
2-Nov-2005Quantifying Impact Of Rainfall On Shallow Groundwater Table In The Wakool Irrigation District, NSWWang, Butian; Khan, Shahbaz; O'Connell, Natalie
19-Oct-2005A GIS Approach to Quantify Impact of Flooding on Shallow Groundwater Levels in the Wakool Irrigation District - Final DraftWang, Butian; Khan, Shahbaz; O'Connell, Natalie
Aug-2002Surface-Groundwater Iteraction Model of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (Development of the Hydrogeological Databases)Khan, Shahbaz; Best, L; Wang, B
2005Hydro-climatic and Economic Evaluation of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Risk Based Irrigation ManagementKhan, Shahbaz; Robinson, David; Beddek, Redha; Wang, Butian; Dassanayake, Dharma; Rana, Tariq