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    • CRC Program 2.3 Review Report 

      Batten, Graeme (2005-11-01)
      This report contains papers presented at a forum which was arranged to review progress made to date and set priorities for the 5th to 7th years of the Rice CRC Program 2.3. Professor Ross Welch, Chief Scientist with the ...
    • Minerals For Sustainable Grain Yield And Grain Quality. 

      Batten, Graeme; Campbell, Lindsay (2005-10-25)
      Rice cropping is an intensive enterprise. To be sustainable and to use water efficiently, rice requires adequate plant-essential nutrients. Nutrient supply has an impact on both grain yield and grain quality. In this ...
    • Report On Study Tour To Japan, Italy, Canada And USA 

      Batten, Graeme (2005-11-01)
      PURPOSE OF THE TRIP • To visit Aichi Prefectural Agricultural Institute, Japan to compare rice production techniques. • To present papers at the 9th International Conference on Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. • To visit ...