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    • Allelopathy And Weed Competition 

      Seal, Alexa N (2005-10-25)
      Currently, only two herbicides, Londax® (bensulfuron) and Taipan® (benzofenap) are available for the effective control of all four major broadleaf weeds infesting NSW rice paddocks. Prolonged and widespread use of these ...
    • Analysing the Benefits of Growing Crops after Rice in the Rice Growing Areas in Australia 

      Faour, Khaled; Singh, Rajinder; Humphreys, E; Smith, David; Mullen, John (2005-11-02)
      The Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA), the Coleambally Irrigation Area (CIA), and the Murray Valley (MV) constitute the major Australian rice growing areas and are located in southern east Australia. According to the ...
    • Annual Report 1998/1999 

      Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production (2005-11-02)
    • Annual Report 1999/2000 

      Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production (2005-11-02)
    • Annual Report 2000/2001 

      Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production (2005-11-02)
    • Annual Report 2002/2003 

      Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production (2005-11-02)
    • Annual Report 2003/2004 

      Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production (2005-11-02)
    • Annual Report 2004/2005 

      Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production (2005-11-02)
    • Assessing and Improving Positional Accuracy and its Effects on Areal Estimation at Coleambally Irrigation Area 

      Van Niel, Tom G; McVicar, Tim R (CSIRO Land and Water, 2004)
      If management decisions are made with geospatial data that have not been assessed for positional accuracy, then debate about both methodologies of measurement and management decisions can occur. This debate, in part, can ...
    • Assessing the Impact of Rainfall Variability on Watertables in Irrigation Areas 

      Khan, Shahbaz; Short, L (2001-01)
      This report describes three different methods i.e. Quartiles, Deciles and a Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) of quantifying rainfall variability. The quartile and decile methods divide the data sets into discrete ...
    • Better Prediction of Groundwater Recharge From Rice Growing 

      Beecher, H. G (2005-11-02)
      A range of restrictions are associated with rice growing – land suitability, target rice water use, buffer areas and hydraulic loading limits. The Land and Water Management Planning process undertaken in southern New ...
    • Bloodworm Resistant Rice 

      Hughes, Dr Peter (2005-10-30)
      The aim this project was to determine if it was feasible to control bloodworm infestations in rice using transgenic plants expressing an insecticidal toxin. Without control bloodworm can cause massive damage to the plant ...
    • Cold Physiology At The Plant Level 

      Subasinghe, Ranjith; Bechaz, Kathryn (nee Fox) (2005)
      Low night temperatures during late January and early February coinciding with early pollen microspore (EPM) development of rice (Oryza sativa) is a major factor limiting productivity in the Riverina region of New South ...
    • A commodity-based production and distribution freight model with application to Sydney, New South Wales 

      Teye, Collins; Hensher, David A. (2019-12)
      The complexity of freight demand forecasting coupled with non-availability of data with the required scale and features often limits its inclusion in demand forecasting. To model freight demand, data are required on various ...
    • Construction Of User-Friendly Plant Expression Vectors Using Rice Promoters 

      Upadhyaya, Narayana M; Blanchard, Christopher (2005-10-30)
      This project (3 months duration) was embedded within our ongoing projects on “Rice Functional Genomics”. A PhD student, Andrew Eamens was employed in this project to continue work on the development of user friendly plant ...
    • CRC Program 2.3 Review Report 

      Batten, Graeme (2005-11-01)
      This report contains papers presented at a forum which was arranged to review progress made to date and set priorities for the 5th to 7th years of the Rice CRC Program 2.3. Professor Ross Welch, Chief Scientist with the ...
    • Development Of Rice Milling In-Line Process Control 

      Hennicke, Owen (2005-10-31)
      SunRice’s Milling facilities were for the most part designed and built before the widespread use of computer based (Programmable Logic Controller or PLC) control systems. Over the years, PLC systems were introduced into ...
    • Economic Analysis of Improving Cold Tolerance in Rice in Australia 

      Singh, Rajinder; Brennan, John P; Farrell, Tim; Williams, Robert; Lewin, Laurie; Mullen, John (2005-11-02)
      The occurrence of low night temperatures during reproductive development is one of the factors most limiting rice yields in southern Australia. Yield losses due to cold temperature are the result of incomplete pollen ...
    • The Efficacy Of Rice As A Leaching 

      Thompson, John; Griffin, Don (2005-10-25)
      The concluding phase(s) of a rice rotation experiment presented the opportunity to assess the effect of consecutive crops of rice on the chemistry of the soil profile. An experiment which aimed to determine the potential ...
    • A Farm Scale Hydrologic Economic Optimisation Model To Manage Waterlogging And Salinity In Irrigation Areas 

      Khan, Shahbaz; Xevi, E; O'Connell, N; Madden, J. C; Zhou, F (2005-11-02)
      Large parts of the irrigation areas of the Murray Darling Basin have shallow watertables that threaten crop productivity and financial sustainability of irrigated agriculture due to soil salinisation and waterlogging. Planning ...