• Understanding Amylose Structure, What It Controls And What Controls It. 

      Fitzgerald, Melissa; Blanchard, Christopher
      Published 2005-10-20
      Starch accounts for at least 92% (dry weight) of a milled rice grain. Starch is comprised of two fractions, amylose and amylopectin. Amylose content can range from 0% (in waxy rice) to about 30%. Amylose is essentially a ...
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    • Valuing a Test for Nitrogen Status in Rice 

      Singh, Rajinder; Williams, Robert; Mullen, John; Faour, Khaled
      Published 2005-11-03
      Nitrogen is a crucial input for the efficient production of rice and is generally applied in two split treatments. The first treatment is given before flooding the rice paddocks at sowing time ie at the pre-flooding (PF) ...
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    • Water Quality Study Tour 

      Unknown author
      Published 2005-10-19
      The major rice growing regions of North Eastern Argentina, South Brazil and Uruguay were visited in association with RIRDC between 2/3/03 - 9/3/03. Currently, drainage water quality from agriculture does not appear to be ...
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