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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Structure and organization of the wheat genomeDevos, Katrien
2008Patterns of linkage disequilibrium in multiple wheat populationsDreisigacker S; Arief V; DeLacy IH; Davenport G; Manes Y; Reynolds M; Singh R; Dieters MJ; Crossa J
2008Mapping quantitative trait loci associated with salinity tolerance in synthetic derived backcrossed bread linesOgbonnaya FC; Huang S; Steadman E; Emebiri LC; Dreccer MF; Lagudah, E; Munns R
2008Physiological-genetic dissection of drought resistance in wild emmer wheatSaranga Y; Peleg Z; Fahima, T
2008Purifying selection and gene conversion in polyploid wheat evolutionAkhunov ED; Akhunova AR; Anderson OD; Anderson JA; Blake N; Clegg MT; Coleman-Derr D; Conley EJ; Crossman CC; Deal KR; Dubcovsky, J; Gill, BS; Gu YQ; Hadam J; Heo HY; Huo N; Lazo GR; Luo MC; Ma YQ; Matthews DE; McGuire PE; Morrell P; Qualset CO; Renfro J; Reynolds S; Tabanao D; Talbert LE; Tian C; Toleno D; Warburton M; You FM; Zhang W; Dvorak J
2008Genome resources for bread wheatCavanagh, CR; Morell, M
2008QTL for canopy temperature response related to yield in both heat and drought environmentsPinto S; Chapman SC; McIntyre CL; Shorter R; Reynolds M
2008Swimming in the genepool - a rational approach to exploiting large genetic resource collectionsStreet K; Mackay M; Zuev E; Kaul N; El Bouhssini M; Konopka J; Mitrofanova O
2008Status of molecular markers available for MAS and future plansSorrells, ME; Anderson, J; Baum, M; Dubcovsky, J; Lagudah, E; Singh, RP
2008Insertion site-based polymorphism: A Swiss army knife for wheat genomicsPaux E; Gao L; Faure S; Choulet F; Roger D; Chevalier K; Saintenac C; Balfourier F; Paux K; Cakir M; Brunel D; Le Paslier M-C; Krugman T; Gandon B; Nevo E; Bernard M; Sourdille P; Feuillet, C