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21-Dec-2015A survey of fertility and sexual health following allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in New South Wales, AustraliaDyer, G.; Gilroy, N.; Bradford, J.; Brice, L.; Kabir, M.; Greenwood, M.; Larsen, S.; Moore, J.; Hertzberg, M.; Kwan, J.; Brown, L.; Hogg, M.; Huang, G.; Tan, J.; Ward, C; Kerridge, I
Dec-2016Doctors' perspectives on PSA testing illuminate established differences in prostate cancer screening rates between Australia and the UK: a qualitative study.Pickles, K; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, L; Entwistle, V
2011Vaccines – but not as we know them: An ethical evaluation of HPV vaccination policy in AustraliaRae, M; Kerridge, I
2010Organ donation in Australia: ReplyLawlor, M; Kerridge, I
2017Societal perspective on access to publicly subsidised medicines: A cross sectional survey of 3080 adults in AustraliaChim, L; Salkeld, G; Kelly, P; Lipworth, W; Hughes, DA; Stockler, MR
Mar-2017Women view key sexual behaviours as the trigger for the onset and recurrence of bacterial vaginosisBilardi, JE; Walker, SM; Temple-Smith, MJ; McNair, RP; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Vodstrcil, LA; Bellhouse, CE; Fairley, CK; Bradshaw, CS
Apr-2017A ‘systems’ approach to suicide prevention: radical change or doing the same things better?Fitzpatrick, S.J.; Hooker, C
2016The Right to Health: Implications for the funding of medicines in AustraliaHarper, C; Ghinea, N; Lipworth, W
2017Assessing the public acceptability of proposed policy interventions to reduce the misuse of antibiotics in Australia: A report on two community juriesDegeling, C; Johnson, J; Iredell, J; Nguyen, KA; Norris, J; Turnidge, J; Dawson, A; Carter, SM; Gilbert, GL
2016The Contemporary Significance of the Holocaust for Australian Psychiatry.Robertson, M; Light, E; Lipworth, W; Walter, G