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    • “Some sort of fantasy land”: a qualitative investigation of appropriate prescribing in oncology. 

      Ghinea, N; Wiersma, M; Kerridge, I; Olver, I; Pearson, S; Day, R; Liauw, W; Lipworth, W (Wiley, 2019-09-12)
      Increasing the appropriateness of prescribing has long been a focus of government, non-government and professional organisations. Progress towards this is made difficult by the fact appropriate prescribing remains ...
    • Formulating an Ethics of Pharmaceutical Disinvestment 

      Pace, J; Laba, T; Nisingizwe, M; Lipworth, W (Springer, 2020-03-03)
      There is growing interest among pharmaceutical policymakers in how to “disinvest” from subsidised medicines. This is due to both the rapidly rising costs of healthcare and the increasing use of accelerated and conditional ...
    • Status, respect and stigma: a qualitative study of non-financial interests in medicine 

      Wiersma, M; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W (Springer, 2020-03-11)
      Conflicts of interest (COI) in health and medicine have been the source of considerable public and professional debate. Much of this debate has focused on financial, rather than non-financial COI, which is a significant ...
    • Disruption, Diversity, and Global Biobanking 

      Light, E; Wiersma, M; Dive, Lisa; Kerridge, I; Critchley, C; Lipworth, W (American Journal of Bioethics, 2019-05-08)
      Beskow and Weinfurt’s analysis of biobank consent comprehension draws attention to important epistemic and axiological questions, not the least of which concern how we can know what are the right or wrong ways to conduct ...
    • Guidelines for ethical relationships between health professionals and industry 

      Komesaroff, P; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W; Jureidini, J; Loblay, R; Gruen, R; Harvey, K; Malpas, P; Stewart, C; Kilham, H; Clarke, C; Carney, S; Rogers, W; Greenberg, P (The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 2018-08)