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Jul-2014The functional implications of Termitomyces domestication on fungus-growing termite gut microbiomesPoulsen, Michael; Hu, Haofu; Li, Cai; Otani, Saria; Aanen, Duur; Boomsma, Jacobus J.; Zhang, Guojie
Jul-2014Morphological adaptations for gut microbiota partitioning in the ant Cephalotes rohweriLanan, Michele; Rodrigues, Pedro; Wheeler, Diana
Jul-2014Social Interaction Networks and Pathogen-Induced Behavioural Defences in AntsStroeymeyt, Nathalie; Kheradmand, Bahram; Grasse, Anna V.; Cremer, Sylvia; Keller, Laurent
Jul-2014Economical decision making by Temnothorax albipennis ant colonies.Doran, Carolina; Franks, Nigel R.
Jul-2014The long reach of a parasite in Temnothorax ants.Beros, Sara; Jongepier, Evelien; Hagemeier, Felizitas; Foitzik, Susanne
Jul-2014Review of recent Syngenta bee field study data on ThiamethoxamCampbell, Peter; Thompson, Helen; Coulson, Mike
Jul-2014Queens close sperm-gates of eggs for asexual reproduction in termitesYashiro, Toshihisa; Matsuura, Kenji
Jul-2014Comparative genomics of the attine fungus-growing antsNygaard, Sanne; Chen, Zhensheng; Schiott, Morten; Brady, Sean; Wcislo, William; Zhang, Guojie; Boomsma, Jacobus J.; Schultz, Ted R.; Yang, Zhikai; Li, Cai; Hu, Haofu
Jul-2014The Causes and Consequences of a Colonising PollinatorLloyd, Kirsty; Knight, Mairi; Ellis, Jonathan; Brown, Mark J.F.; Goulson, Dave
Jul-2014The evolution of mound building in the Australian Coptotermes termitesLee, Timothy; Cameron, Stephen; Evans, Theodore A.; Ho, Simon; Hochuli, Dieter; Lo, Nathan