• Aspect-ratio-dependent interaction of molecular polymer brushes and multicellular tumour spheroids 

      Müllner, Markus; Yang, Kylie; Kaur, Amandeep; New, Elizabeth Joy
      Published 2018-06-08
      Polymer nanoparticles based on molecular polymer brushes allow precise and independent tailoring of nanoparticle characteristics. This enables the synthesis of soft hydrophilic polymer particles with matching composition ...
      Open Access
    • Nicotinamide-appended fluorophores as fluorescent redox sensors 

      Leslie, Kathryn G; Kolanowski, Jacek L; Trinh, Natalie; Carrara, Serena; Anscomb, Matthew D; Yang, Kylie; Hogan, Conor F; Jolliffe, Katrina A; New, Elizabeth J
      Published 2019
      Fluorescent sensors have proved invaluable in elucidating the regulation and dysregulation of redox processes in biology, but understanding of the breadth of biological redox reactions requires development of new sensors ...
      Open Access
    • Strategies for organelle targeting of fluorescent probes 

      Lin, Jiarun; Yang, Kylie; New, Elizabeth J
      Published 2021
      Fluorescent tools have emerged as an important tool for studying the distinct chemical microenvironments of organelles, due to their high specificity and ability to be used in non-destructive, live cellular ...
      Open Access
    • Towards Fluorescent Tools for Clinical Applications 

      Yang, Kylie
      Published 2020
      As our understanding of molecular biology broadens, we gain a deeper understanding of the molecular signatures and microenvironments associated with disease. In conjunction, better understanding of activatable fluorophores ...
      Open Access