• Accelerated Protein Synthesis via One-Pot Ligation-Deselenization Chemistry 

      Mitchell, Nicholas J.; Sayers, Jessica; Kulkarni, Sameer S.; Clayton, Daniel; Goldys, Anna M.; Ripoll-Rozada, Jorge; Pereira, Pedro Jose Barbosa; Chan, Bun; Radom, Leo; Payne, Richard J.
      Published 2017-05-11
      Peptide ligation chemistry has revolutionized protein science by facilitating access to synthetic proteins. Here, we describe the development of additive-free ligation-deselenization chemistry at β-selenoaspartate and ...
      Open Access
    • Construction of Challenging Proline−Proline Junctions via 2 Diselenide−Selenoester Ligation Chemistry 

      Sayers, Jessica; Karpati, Phillip M. T.; Mitchell, Nicholas J.; Goldys, Anna M.; Kwong, Stephen M.; Firth, Neville; Chan, Bun; Payne, Richard J.
      Published 2018-09-21
      Polyproline sequences are highly abundant in prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteins, where they serve as key components of secondary structure. To date, construction of the proline–proline motif has not been possible owing ...
      Open Access
    • Expanding the Scope of Peptide Ligation Chemistry for Novel Biological Investigations 

      Sayers, Jessica
      Published 2018-09-24
      Peptides and proteins are responsible for a plethora of structural and functional roles in the cell and are currently the focus of intensive research. In order to conduct detailed biological studies, access to homogenous ...
      USyd Access
    • Native Chemical Ligation−Photodesulfurization in Flow 

      Chisholm, Timothy S.; Clayton, Daniel; Dowman, Luke J.; Sayers, Jessica; Payne, Richard J.
      Published 2018-05-24
      Native chemical ligation (NCL) combined with desulfurization chemistry has revolutionized the way in which large polypeptides and proteins are accessed by chemical synthesis. Herein, we outline the use of flow chemistry ...
      Open Access
    • Thiazolidine-Protected β-Thiol Asparagine: Applications in One-Pot Ligation–Desulfurization Chemistry 

      Sayers, Jessica; Thompson, Robert E.; Perry, Kristen J.; Malins, Lara R.; Payne, Richard J.
      Published 2015-09-23
      The synthesis of a β-thiol asparagine derivative bearing a novel (2,4,6-trimethoxyphenyl)thiazolidine protecting group is described. The efficient incorporation of the amino acid into the N-termini of peptides is demonstrated ...
      Open Access