• The effect of contextual plausibility on word skipping during reading 

      Veldre, Aaron; Reichle, Erik D.; Wong, Roslyn; Andrews, Sally
      Published 2020-04-01
      Recent eye-movement evidence suggests readers are more likely to skip a high-frequency word than a low-frequency word independently of the semantic or syntactic acceptability of the word in the sentence. This has been ...
      Open Access
    • A Neural Implementation of MINERVA 2 

      Reichle, Erik D.; Veldre, Aaron; Yu, Lili; Andrews, Sally
      Published 2022
      The MINERVA 2 (Hintzman, 1984) model of human memory has been used to simulate a variety of cognitive phenomena. These simulations, however, describe cognitive phenomena at Marr’s (1982) representation/algorithm level, ...
      Open Access
      Conference paper
    • Towards a complete model of reading: Simulating lexical decision, word naming, and sentence reading with Über-Reader 

      Veldre, Aaron; Yu, Lili; Andrews, Sally; Reichle, Erik D.
      Published 2020-01-01
      This paper presents simulations of eye movements during reading, lexical decision, and naming using Über-Reader, a new computational model that aims to provide a complete account of the perceptual, cognitive, and motor ...
      Open Access