• Digital Rights in Asia: Rethinking Regional and International Agenda 

      Goggin, Gerard; Ford, Michele; Martin, Fiona; Webb, Adele; Vromen, Ariadne; Weatherall, Kimberlee
      Published 2018-10-03
      In this chapter we explore the appropriate conception and agenda for digital rights and associated governance in Asia. We do so from the perspective of an Australian location in the Asian region, and informed by ...
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    • Digital Rights in Australia 

      Goggin, Gerard; Vromen, Ariadne; Weatherall, Kimberlee; Martin, Fiona; Adele, Webb; Sunman, Lucy; Bailo, Francesco
      Published 2017-11-22
      Australians are some of the world’s greatest users of social media and mobile broadband, and our nation is in the top ten globally for internet use. At a time when our use of these technologies is increasingly redefining ...
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    • Remembering Anne Dunn (1950 - 2012) 

      O'Donnell, Penny; Martin, Fiona; Dunn, Peter
      Published 2012-07-01
      When Ian Richards asked for a tribute to our extraordinary colleague, Anne Dunn, who passed away on July 1, 2012, after a long illness, it was hard to know where to begin. This is a very difficult farewell. Anne always ...
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    • Return of the regulatory state: A stakeholder analysis of Australia’s Digital Platforms Inquiry and online news policy 

      Flew, Terry; Gillett, Rosalie; Martin, Fiona; Sunman, Lucy
      Published 2021
      In this paper, we undertake a stakeholder analysis of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Digital Platforms Inquiry to understand the nature and influence of different forms of public input. Our findings ...
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    • Submission to the Select Committee on the Future of Public Interest Journalism, Submission 44 

      O'Donnell, Penny; Dwyer, Tim; Martin, Fiona
      Published 2017-01-01
      We argue that it is essential for government to study the impacts of social media news consumption and loss of public interest journalism on media diversity before it moves to enact changes to legislation than may reduce ...
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