• Crime Free Housing Seminar 

      Lee, Murray; Clancey, Garner; Baldry, Eileen; Martin, Chris; O'Brien, Shane; Laurie, Galina
      Published 2010-03-01
      Is it possible to design neighbourhoods to prevent and reduce crime? This seminar will explore this question with reference to contemporary developments in New South Wales and other jurisdictions. The seminar will be of ...
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      Recording, oral
    • Crime Prevention Seminar 

      Lee, Murray; Clancey, Garner; Fitzgerald, Jackie; Homel, Peter
      Published 2010-05-01
      Keeping up with the latest developments in crime prevention can be challenging. This seminar will highlight recent developments, including successful local crime prevention initiatives, and will include a small number of ...
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      Recording, oral
    • Force Selling: Policing and the Manufacture of Public Confidence? 

      Lee, Murray
      Published 2011-05-17
      This paper explores aspects of the ways in which police image work is conducted in NSW. Specifically, it looks at the links between such image work and the project of public confidence building in the police. Based on ...
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      Conference paper
    • Policing the pedal rebels: A case study of environmental activism under covid-19 

      Lee, Murray
      Published 2021
      Australia, along with nation-states internationally, has entered a new phase of environmentally focused activism, with globalised, coordinated and social media–enabled environmental social movements seeking to address ...
    • Social Cohesion and Pro-Social Responses to Perceptions of Crime: Victorian Report 

      Lee, Murray; Wickes, Rebecca; Jackson, Jonathan; Keel, Chloe; Ellis, Justin; Blake, Rodney; Norman, Sophie; Lin, Brenda
      Published 2020-03-09
      Understanding community perceptions of crime and safety is important to policy makers, legislators, and subsequently communities themselves. However, such community perceptions are complex and have generally been poorly ...
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