• Curiosity Killed the M-Cat: an Examination of Illicit Drugs and Media 

      Lancaster, Kari; Hughes, Caitlin; Spicer, Bridget; Matthew-Simmons, Francis; Dillon, Paul
      Published 2011-05-17
      Using mainstream media communication theories, this article outlines different mechanisms by which media can impact on public perceptions of drugs and crime. The media can set the agenda and define public interest; frame ...
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      Conference paper
    • New Australian guidelines for the treatment of alcohol problems: an overview of recommendations 

      Haber, Paul S; Riordan, Benjamin C; Winter, Daniel T; Barrett, Liz; Saunders, John; Hides, Leanne; Gullo, Matthew; Manning, Victoria; Day, Carolyn A; Bonomo, Yvonne; Burns, Lucinda; Assan, Robert; Curry, Ken; Mooney-Somers, Julie; Demirkol, Apo; Monds, Lauren; McDonough, Mike; Baillie, Andrew J; Ritter, Alison; Quinn, Catherine; Cunningham, John; Lintzeris, Nicholas; Rombouts, Susan; Savic, Michael; Norman, Amanda; Reid, Sharon; Hutchinson, Delyse; Zheng, Catherine; Iese, Yasmine; Black, Nicola; Draper, Brian; Ridley, Nicole; Gowing, Linda; Stapinski, Lexine; Taye, Belaynew; Lancaster, Kari; Stjepanovic, Daniel; Kay-Lambkin, Frances; Jamshidi, Nazila; Lubman, Dan; Pastor, Adam; White, Natalie; Wilson, Scott; Jaworski, Alison L; Memedovic, Sonja; Logge, Warren; Mills, Katherine; Seear, Kate; Freeburn, Bradley; Lea, Toby; Withall, Adrienne; Marel, Christina; Boffa, John; Roxburgh, Amanda; Purcell-Khodr, Gemma; Doyle, Michael; Conigrave, Kate; Teeson, Maree; Butler, Kerryn; Connor, Jason; Morley, Kirsten C
      Published 2021
      Summary of recommendations and levels of evidence Chapter 2: Screening and assessment for unhealthy alcohol use Screening Screening for unhealthy alcohol use and appropriate interventions should be implemented in ...
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