• An energy loss-based vehicular injury severity model 

      Ji, Ang; Levinson, David M.
      Published 2020
      How crashes translate into physical injuries remains controversial. Previous studies recommended a predictor, Delta-V, to describe the crash consequences in terms of mass and impact speed of vehicles in crashes. This study ...
    • Estimating the Social Gap With a Game Theory Model of Lane Changing 

      Ji, Ang; Levinson, David M.
      Published 2020-05-01
      Changing lanes is a commonly-used technique for drivers to either overtake slow-moving cars or enter/exit highway ramps. Optional lane changes may save drivers travel time but increase the risk of collision with others. ...
      Open Access
    • Moving Array Traffic Probes 

      Davis, Blake; Ji, Ang; Liu, Bichen; Levinson, David M.
      Published 2019-11-11
      This paper explores the potential of moving array ‘probes’ to collect traffic data. This application simulates the prospect of mining environmental data on traffic conditions to present a cheap and potentially widespread ...
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      Working Paper
    • A Review of Game Theory Models of Lane Changing 

      Ji, Ang; Levinson, David M.
      Published 2019-11-12
      Driver lane-changing behaviours have a significant impact on the safety and the capacity of the vehicle-based traffic system. Therefore, modeling lane-changing maneuvers has become an essential component of driving behaviour ...
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      Working Paper
    • Traffic programming: Aligning incentives for socially efficient lane changes among non-connected vehicles 

      Ji, Ang
      Published 2022
      This dissertation explores the rationality of drivers' risky and aggressive behaviors in lane-changing scenarios and discusses some feasible ways to hold selfish drivers accountable for their decisions. Regardless of ...
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