• Electronic music is here to stay – or is it? 

      Travers, Meg; Hope, Cat
      Published 2013-01-01
      Musical composers frequently make use of new technologies in instrumentation. Whilst orchestral traditions remain strong and the instruments viable, what of the works of composers of electronic music where the sound sources ...
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    • WANMA: The Western Australian New Music Archive 

      Hope, Cat; MacKinney, Lisa; Green, Lelia; Mahoney, Tos
      Published 2013-01-01
      In 2013, Edith Cowan University partnered with The State Library of Western Australia, The National Library of Australia, Western Australian music advocacy body Tura New Music, The National Library of Australia and ABC ...
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    • The Western Australian New Music Archive: performing as remembering 

      Hope, Cat; MacKinney, Lisa; Green, Lelia; Travers, Meghan; Mahoney, Tos
      Published 2015-01-01
      The curation of WANMA is guided by, and confronts the challenges presented by, such a broad definition, with a focus on constructing a representative canon of Western Australian new music history from 1970 to the present ...
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