• Lipid-interacting switchable DNA origami nanostructures 

      Daljit Singh, Jasleen Kaur
      Published 2022
      DNA nanotechnology allows for the programmable self-assembly of nanostructures of arbitrary shapes and sizes. DNA nanostructures can be hydrophobically modified for integration with lipid bilayers. Lipid-integrated DNA ...
      Open Access
    • Switchable DNA-origami nanostructures that respond to their environment and their applications 

      Daljit Singh, Jasleen Kaur; Tri Luu, Minh; Abbas, Ali; Wickham, Shelley F. J
      Published 2018-10-01
      Structural DNA nanotechnology, in which Watson-Crick base pairing drives the formation of self-assembling nanostructures, has rapidly expanded in complexity and functionality since its inception in 1981. DNA nanostructures ...
      Open Access