• Changes in public perceptions and experiences of the Australian health?care system: A decade of change 

      Ellis, Louise A.; Pomare, Chiara; Gillespie, James A.; Root, Jo; Ansell, James; Holt, Joanna; Wells, Leanne; Tran, Yvonne; Braithwaite, Jeffrey; Zurynski, Yvonne
      Published 2020
      BACKGROUND: The views and experiences of the Australian public are an important barometer of the health system. This study provides key findings about the changing views held by Australians over time regarding their ...
    • How important is ‘implementation science’ for national genomics policy? 

      Gul, Hossai; Long, Janet; Best, Stephanie; Braithwaite, Jeffrey
      Published 2019-06-14
      The traditional translation pathway of ‘bench- to-bedside’ will not be enough to integrate genomics into routine clinical care. It requires the use of validated and systematic ‘implementation science’ methods. Within the ...
      Open Access