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ex051008_1sb_c001z001.tif.jpg30-Sep-2009The Z stack of a late brachiolaria larva of the asterinid sea star Parvulastra exigua recorded by confocal laser scanning microscopyMorris, Valerie B.; School of Biological Sciences
he270708_5_c001z008_sb_correct-orientation.tif.jpg23-Nov-2010The Z stack of a vestibula larva of the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma recorded by confocal laser scanning microscopyMorris, Valerie B.; School of Biological Sciences
Zen-flanger.jpg.jpg6-Jun-2016Zen-FlangerXi, Peng
26-Aug-2019Zero emission energy for the Great Barrier ReefXiao, Ziyu
6-Aug-2009The ZEST Trial - A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of Zoloft's Effects on Symptoms and survival Time in Advanced CancerAzim, Syed; School of Public Health
25-Feb-2018Zhongguo and tianxia: The central state and the Chinese worldBabones, Salvatore
19-Jul-2016The Zinc/Bromine Flow Battery: Fundamentals and Novel Materials for Technology AdvancementRajarathnam, Gobinath Pillai
20-Jan-2015Zirconium Ions Up-Regulate the BMP/SMAD Signaling Pathway and Promote the Proliferation and Differentiation of Human OsteoblastsChen, Yongjuan; Roohani-Esfahani, Seyed-Iman; Lu, ZuFu; Zreiqat, Hala; Dunstan, Colin R.; Discipline of Pharmacology
31-Mar-2014ZnT‐1 expression in the preimplantation mouse embryo and its effect on calcium influxPerera, Naomi Tessa
Jul-2014Zoogeography of ants on the Aegean IslandsStylianidi, Nikoletta; Georgiadis, Chris; Kozompoli, Giota; Bibika, Maria; Legakis, Anastasios; Nash, David
2013Zoonotic disease risk perceptions and infection control practices of Australian veterinarians: Call for change in work cultureDowd, K; Taylor, M; Toribio, J; Hooker, C; Dhand, Navneet K.
2014Zurvainism and post Islamic Persian literature: with Ferdusi as a case studyPourhosseini, Parisa
18-Sep-2013α-Actinin-3: a novel genetic modifier of duchenne muscular dystrophyHogarth, Marshall William
Jan-2015β-Arrestin-2 knockout prevents development of cellular μ-opioid receptor tolerance but does not affect opioid-withdrawal-related adaptations in single PAG neuronsConnor, Mark; Bagley, Elena E.; Chieng, Billy C.; Christie, Macdonald J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
14-Dec-2015δ-opioid receptor trafficking in the striatumHeath, Emily May Ling
Jan-2015μ -Opioid receptor activation and noradrenaline transport inhibition by tapentadol in rat single locus coeruleus neurons.Sadeghi, Mahsa; Tzschentke, Thomas M; Christie, MacDonald J; Discipline of Pharmacology
29-Aug-2014μ-Opioid receptor signalling mechanisms: quantifying bias and kineticsSianati, Setareh
27-Mar-2015ρ GABAC Receptors: Modelling and Structure Function of the Orthosteric Binding SiteNaffa’a, Moawiah Moh’d Said