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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2014X-Ray CT analysis of nest-gallery development of Incisitermes minorHimmi, S. Khoirul; Yoshimura, Tsuyoshi; Yanase, Yoshiyuki; Torigoe, Toshiyuki; Oya, Masao
1992Xerostomia and salivary substitutesVarnamkhasti, Mehri Eshraghi; Faculty of Dentistry
2006Xingwei yishu : performance art in post-Mao ChinaBerghuis, Thomas J
023.JPG.jpg2013XML technologies in language documentation workflowsArkhipov, Alexandre; Moscow State University
31-Mar-2013Xylan Depolymerisation under Subcritical Water ConditionsRahubadda Kankanamge, Asanka Imali
31-Mar-2015Yarning with Minjungbal women: testimonial narratives of transgenerational trauma and healing explored through relationships with country and culture, community and familySaunders, Mykaela Amy Eleanor Eulaurel
1992Yearning for the bell : a study of transmission in the shakuhachi honkyoku traditionLee, Riley Kelly
2001Years of silent control : the influence of the Commonwealth in state physical education in Victoria and New South WalesFischer, Imke; School of Social, Policy and Curriculum Studies
2009Yemaya 2009-
2010Yemaya 2010-
2011Yemaya 2011-
1999Yengarrahween Narrloo: Developing an Aboriginal dispute resolution program for NSWMarshall, Chrissiejoy; Indigenous Heath Studies
2004Yiminga (spirit) calling : a study of Australian Aboriginal Christian women's creation theologySkye, L. M.; Department of Studies in Religion
2011Yodelling boundary riders : country music in Australia, 1936-2010Martin, Toby; Department of History
2009Yoga as an adjuvant therapy for students enrolled in special schools for disruptive behaviourJensen, Pauline
2014You can always come back, but you can't come back all the way: late style and memory in Bob Dylan's recent workSutton, Mark Morgan
2012“You can help people”: Adolescents’ Views on Engaging Young People in Longitudinal ResearchCooper Robbins, Spring C; Hawsthorne, M; Paxton, K; Hawke, C; Skinner, S.R; Steinbeck, K
2008You Have to Make Something of All That Rubbish, Do You? An Empirical Investigation of the Social Process of Qualitative Research.Carter, SM; Jordens, C; McGrath, C; Little, M
22-Feb-2016“You Say What I Say”: The Value of Studying Elicited Verbal Imitation in ToddlersHodges, Rosemary Amanda
2014You win some, you lose moreCarter, SM