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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1999Vacation Scholarships 1998/99Johnson, Clare; Quality Wheat CRC
FoS_185.TIF.jpg22-Mar-1965A vaccine for cancer?-
2011Vaccines – but not as we know them: An ethical evaluation of HPV vaccination policy in AustraliaRae, M; Kerridge, I
31-Jan-2019Vagueness: Identity and Understanding Across Literatures East and WestJohnson, Ryan Stasey
Jun-2013Valdecoxib : the rise and fall of a COX-2 inhibitor.Atukorala, Inoshi; Hunter, David J.
Jan-2014Validating and improving CT ventilation imaging by correlating with ventilation 4D-PET/CT using 68Ga-labeled nanoparticles.Kipritidis, J; Siva, S; Hofman, M; Callahan, J; Hicks, R; Keall, P
21-Aug-2015Validating self-report and proxy reports of the Dexamethasone Symptom Questionnaire-Chronic for the evaluation of longer-term corticosteroid toxicityAgar, Meera; Koh, E.S.; Gibbs, Emma; Barnes, Elizabeth H.; Hovey, Elizabeth; Livingstone, Ann; Sawkins, Kate; Chye, R; Lovell, M.R.; Clark, K.; Vardy, J.; King, Madeleine
2016Validation of a discrete crack model for lightweight aggregate concrete beamsDias-da-Costa, D.; Graça-e-Costa, R.; Carmo, R.N.F.
2008Validation of black point QTLs in wheatTah, PR; Lehmensiek, A; Willamson, PM; Michalowitz, M; Done, A; Daggard, GE
2008Validation of Fusarium head blight markers in Triticum aestivum breeding populationsKnox RE; DePauw RM; Clarke FR; Martin AR; Xue AG; Gilbert JA; Brûlé-Babel AL; Campbell H
2008Validation of QTL for resistance to pre harvest sproutingChristopher MJ; Jennings R; Banks PM
29-Sep-2005Validation of the gamma-interferon test for ovine Johne's disease.Stewart, David J
2017Validation of the Hunt Squash Accuracy Test used to assess individual shot performanceWilliams, Benjamin Kane; Bourdon, Pitre Collier; Graham-Smith, Philip; Sinclair, Peter J
18-Aug-2014The validity of a behavioural multiple-mini-interview within an assessment centre for selection into specialty trainingRoberts, Chris; Clark, Tyler; Burgess, Annette; Frommer, Michael; Grant, Marcia; Mossman, Karyn
29-Feb-2016The validity of serological surveys and their use within a comprehensive surveillance system for vaccine preventable diseases in AustraliaLu, Xinting
29-Mar-2018Valorisation Of Peanut By-ProductsMokhtari Farahani, Maryam
Feb-1999Valuation of Environmental Impacts of Transportation Projects: The Challenge of Self-Interest ProximityDaniels, Rhonda; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Aug-2010The valuation of options on traded accounts: continuous and discrete time modelsMalloch, Hamish Jr
Mar-2000The Valuation of Travel Time Savings for Urban Car Drivers: Evaluating Alternative Model SpecificationsHensher, David A.; ITLS
2002Value Added Wheat CRC Annual Report 2001-2002Value Added Wheat CRC (Australia); Johnson, Clare; Value Added Wheat CRC