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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Feb-2012U.S. income distribution: Just how unequal?Babones, Salvatore
31-Mar-2013UAV Parameter Estimation with Gaussian Process ApproximationsHemakumara, Madu Prasad
10-Jul-2019Ubiquitous and Immersive Visualisation and Interaction of Volumetric Medical ImagesJung, Hoijoon
2008Ug99 rust in IranNazari Kumarse
2008Ug99 Surveillance: Current Status evolution and migration of the Ug99 lineageYue Jin
30-Jan-2012UK panel: Executive compensation is a "market failure"Babones, Salvatore
2010UK Public Sector Information and Re-use Policy – A 2008 AnalysisSaxby, Stephen
1964Ulcerative lesions of the oral mucous membraneQuinlan, Neroli Ira; Faculty of Dentistry
24-Jul-2017The Ultimate Collective Problem: Why National Security Can’t Solve Global Climate ChangeMcKenzie, Janetta
1999Ultimate lousy job? : evaluating the construction of paid household workMeagher, Gabrielle
27-Oct-2014Ultra-brief unilateral electroconvulsive therapy: effects on severe depression, memory and the ictal electroencephalogram- a randomised double-blind trialMayur, Prashanth M.
11-Mar-2010Ultra-lean methane combustion in porous burnersWood, Susie
Apr-2015Ultrafast Mid-infrared Fibre LasersHu, Tomonori
20-Nov-2005Ultrasonic assessment of fetal size and growthWesterway, Susan Lyn Campbell
30-Mar-2018Ultrasound measures of abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue in pregnancyKennedy, Narelle June
2008Ultrastructure of Dentine Carious LesionsZavgorodniy, Alexander; Faculty of Dentistry
2012Umbilical cord blood banking and the next generation of human tissue regulation: An agenda for researchKerridge, I; Stewart, C
2012Umbilical cord blood banking: Beyond the public-private divideO'Connor, MA; Samuel, G; Jordens, C; Kerridge, I
2008Umbilical cord blood banking: public good or private benefit? In reply.Samuel, G; Kerridge, I; O'Brien, T
4-Jun-2014UMBRAFieldsend, Sarah-Jane Elizabeth