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2-Dec-2015Q Fever Knowledge, Attitudes and Vaccination Status of Australia’s Veterinary Workforce in 2014Sellens, Emily; Norris, Jacqueline M.; Dhand, Navneet K.; Heller, Jane; Hayes, Lynne; Gidding, Heather F.; Willaby, Harold; Wood, Nicholas; Bosward, Katrina L.
7-Jun-2010Q-Curves with Complex MultiplicationWilson, Ley Catherine
30-Mar-2016A q-discrete Analogue of the Third Painlevé Equation and its Linear ProblemGregory, James Philip
2015Qingdao (1897-1914) im Spiegel deutscher SelbstzeugnisseGroeneveld, Sabina
30-Sep-2016QoS Techniques for Smart Meter Packets Transmission on LTE NetworksKarupongsiri, Chalakorn
Mar-2008The Qphyl System: a web-based interactive system for phylogenetic analysisZhen, Zhao
30-Mar-2016QT Interval Abnormalities in Sulfonylurea Treated Type 2 Diabetes: Relationship to Treatment Induced Hypoglycaemia and Glycaemic Variability Determined by Simultaneous Ambulatory MonitoringMiddleton, Timothy Leigh
30-Jan-2016QT interval, corrected for heart rate, is associated with HbA concentration and autonomic function in diabetesStern, K; Cho, Y.H.; Benitez-Aguirre, P; Jenkins, Alicia J.; McGill, M; Mitchell, Paul; Keech, Anthony C; Donaghue, Kim C
2008QTL analysis and marker assisted selection for improvement in grain protein content and pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in bread wheatGupta PK; Balyan HS; Kumar, S; Kulwal PK; Kumar N; Mir RR; Kumar, A; Mohan A; Prabhu KV
2008QTL for canopy temperature response related to yield in both heat and drought environmentsPinto S; Chapman SC; McIntyre CL; Shorter R; Reynolds M
2008QTL for grain color and yield traits in bread wheat and their correspondence in rice genomeBalyan HS; Gupta PK; Kumar, A; Kumar J; Singh R; Garg T; Chhuneja P
2008QTL identification in a slow-rusting population reveals complex inheritance patterns of resistanceRosewarne GM; Singh RP; Huerta-Espino J; Rebetzke GJ
2008QTL mapping of multiple disease resistance traits in a synthetic hexaploid x bread wheat populationZwart RS; Thompson JP; Williamson PM; Bariana HS
2008QTLs for resistance to spot blotch of wheat caused by Bipolaris sorokinianaKumar U; Joshi AK; Kumar, S; Chand R; Röder MS
2008QTLs for yield and adaptation to reduced water and nitrogen inputs in durum wheatMaccaferri M; Sanguineti MC; Ammar K; Demontis A; DeAmbrogio E; Massi A; Ortiz-Monasterio I; Reynolds M; Corneti S; Stefanelli S; Tuberosa R
23-Feb-2011Quad Bike Related Deaths and Injuries - Australia 2010: Media Monitors ReportHerde, E; Lower, T
Mar-2012Quad Bike Related Deaths and Injuries Australia 2011 Media Monitors ReportHerde, E; Lower, T
15-Jan-2013Quad Bike Related Deaths and Injuries Australia 2012 Media Monitors ReportHerde, Emily; Lower, Tony
2015A qualitative analysis of responses to a question prompt list and prognosis and end-of-life care discussion prompts delivered in a communication support programWalczak, A; Henselmans, I; Tattersall, MH; Clayton, JM; Davidson, PM; Young, J; Bellemore, FA; Epstein, RM; Butow, PN
28-Jan-2014A Qualitative Analysis of the Family Meal in Family-Based Treatment for Anorexia NervosaGodfrey, Kate